Indian Riders Instruction Book 1937.

As far as riders instruction books go this would have to be one of the most complete that I have come across. It covers all models from the 236 Scout up to the 436 4 cylinder.

Most instruction books cover the basic controls, tyres and filters, however this one goes even further with complete lubrication diagrams, oil pump adjustments, ignition timing and gear ratio charts. At 43 pages it leaves nothing unanswered in the world of maintenance for the rider.

Charts list model designation and yearly engine suffixes from 1909 to 1925, and serial numbers from 1928 up to 1936. There is also a supplementary section on adjustments for the 1928 to 1933 models. What more could you want.

This particular handbook is in very good condition as it was never issued with the sale of the motorcycle to the new owner to be thumbed through with greasy fingers whilst doing machine adjustments. Instead it was sent out from the Indian factory after a request from the New Zealand owner about buying a new motorcycle. It has spent the last 73 years in a cupboard resting. So stay tuned for more of this story.

Click on the Indian header page below to go to the complete manual. It is a 6.2M PDF and as usual you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.