NZCMRR Classic Motorcycle Racing Labour Weekend.

Where: Hampton Downs Motorsport Park, Waikato.

When: 23rd~24th October 2010.

Hosted by the New Zealand Classic Motorcycle Racing Register this will be the second classic race meeting at the new complex. It is not as fanciful as the February Festival traditionally held at Pukekohe however it is the venue for the NZ Classic TT title for the Junior Class (up to 350cc Pre ’63) and the Senior Class (up to 500cc Pre ’63). The NZPCRA (NZ Post Classic Racing Association) will also be supporting the event. Should be some excellent racing.

Classes for racing are –

  1. 351-500 Clubmans, Factory, Modified and Post Classics
  2. Vintage/Pre War/ 250 Clubmans/ Modified and Post Classics/Juniors
  3. 501-Open Modified and Post Classic
  4. 251-350 Clubmans, Factory, Modified, Post Classic and 250 Factory
  5. Sidecars
  6. NZPCRA pre ’89 up to 600
  7. NZPCRA pre ’89 601-Open

And of course the 2 classes that support the interests of Barnstormers are the Pre War Class, and the Vintage Class.

Saturday is scrutineering up to 09.15, with riders briefing at 9.30, and practice from 10.00. There will be 2 rounds of racing and then the NZ Classic TT for the Junior Class.

Sunday is the same with practice then 2 rounds of racing. The Senior Classic TT will follow. Both Junior and Senior TT’s will be 15 laps.

For those of you who have not attended before Hampton is approximately 60kms south of Auckland on State Highway One (about 10 minutes south of the Bombay hills), on the northern boundary of the Waikato. It backs on to the main north south expressway (SH1) so is easily accessible and sign posted from the expressway. Click here for a map (note – Hampton Motorsport Park is on the opposite side of the road to the indicated ‘race track’).

Front Straight and Pit Area From The February 2010 Meeting.

I attended the February classic meeting and found the racing excellent with good viewing of most of the track (dare I say it €“ better than Pukekohe!)

The usual coffee caravans and phattie phoood stalls will no doubt be filling the empty stomachs of hungry racers, not that they need it as surely an empty stomach means more lightness, which means MORE SPEED………… and winning.

Girder fork motorcycles that are campaigned in the Vintage/Pre War class.

It is too late to go racing as entries have closed and there are no entries on the day, however go for a look and support those who are doing it.

There seems to be very little information out there about this meeting especially from the Classic Register itself (google it and all you get is a entry form) and one wonders if it is a secret race meeting where spectating isn’t encouraged however I will be there as my race bike is being ridden by a lithe young whippersnapper called Lee. Not sure about Knobster as he has yet to accept my invitation to be Lees Brolley Babe €“ the thought of those knobbly knees and gnarly toes exposed to the world could get a few hearts even racing!

Spectating is $10.00 per day per person (and that has to be cheap) and the weather will be fine but cold.

Sorry €“ no overnight camping on the circuit for spectators. You could always try just around the corner, I hear that the Springfield Corrections Facility might assist with a bed for short stays.