1927 Rex-Acme Care and Maintenance Manual

This manual is a hints and tips on the care and maintenance of Rex-Acme motorcycles. Information of particular value will be spark plug, tappet clearance, ignition timing, and adjustments of the Best and Lloyd mechanical oil pump. There is also a small section on tuning the Blackburne OHV engine for competition work. I have limited the pages to 12 as these are of the most value. The second part of the book is a spares parts list however as it only covers the part number with prices but no pictures there is little value in publishing it. It does define the models covered which are €“ Blackburne 350 sv and ohv engines, and the standard 350 sv JAP, the 350 sv ‘Roadster’ JAP, and the 300 cc sv JAP.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete manual.

It is a 2M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader .