The Barmy Boys Christmas Message 2010.

It has been quite a busy year for Barnstormers NZ, searching out manuals, parts books and sales catalogues to put up on the site, trying to work out what our readers would like next, finishing off long term articles as the information becomes available (The Spark Plug Conundrum springs to mind) whilst fitting in some riding and swap meets, and trying to make a living. Don’t we just love it!

Knobster has been a great help behind the scenes managing the site, keeping it updated and ensuring that the security is current to stop all those nosey parkers from trying to do their worst.

Next year promises to be just as busy, and perhaps even more so. So for the next 3 weeks we will be taking a break, spending time with our families (and Knobster will be deflecting questions from Mrs K about the special present he MAY have bought her) and taking in some of this marvelous sun. We hope that you have something enjoyable planned as well.

Enjoy and from us all at Barnstormers HQ have a great Christmas and an even better New Year.

We hope that you will visit us again next year.

Having dusted off the sidecar for the special occasion Mrs McS and yours truly thought that we would take a leisurely trip into the countryside and try to capture what vintage riding is all about.

And we came up with this –

(Of course Knobster was there €“ he was the one taking the photo.)