4 Generations of Motorcyclists.

In the 1990s New Zealands custom and modified non Japanese motorcycle magazine called Twin Eagle used to have the occassional page with very early photographs titled Blast From The Past. These were contributions from readers and there were some very interesting scenes including this one titled 4 Generations. The great grandfather is sitting on a early Indian and sidecar, and the grandfather is on a Reading Standard which would have been quite rare compared to Harley Davidsons and Indians of the time. We have left the bottom photgraph in even though it is outside Barnstormers pre 1945 ideals as it is an acknowledgement of the complete 4 family generations. The young son would now be about 23 years old. Should any of our readers recognise the family we would be very interested in contacting them for any additional information that could be added to this page. Contact us at mcsnotty@barnstormers.co.nz