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What? No Ar$ebook likes? No Twatter feed? or LunkedIn or Jammer stats? Well we here at Barnstormers aren't bothered about being web savvy (or really feel the need to be). Those in the know have already found us. Just pure Barnstormers. Clutter free ... Enjoy

Wishing You Well…………….

Christmas is a busy time for all no matter where you are in the world. Some have to work, others think about working, and then there is me €“ thinking about the people who are thinking about working. Never one to overtax ones self I do appreciate the effort that is made by everybody else to celebrate such an occasion, and my thoughts go out to those who have to work through this festival period. I have written my letter to Santa (in Crayon of course €“ I get better results if it looks as if it came from a

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Have a Great Christmas and New Year

I hope you all have a great time over the holiday break in whatever you decide to do with the time off.

We here at Barnstormers Central will be enjoying the great weather we are having here in NZ. A spot of motorcycling will be in order methinks.

Stay Safe


Mr and Mrs Sherman with their 1904 Brown

Barnstormer contributor Steve Wynnes purchase of the 1905 Brown motorcycle at the recent Webbs Motorcycle Auction (see here for report) was inspired by a photograph given to him by his grandmother over 50 years ago. Steve picks up the story –

The photograph shows my grandparents Jack and Mary Sherman in 1904/05 on a Brown motorcycle with trailer. Although I never met my granddad, he was a motoring pioneer opening up a service station in 1900 in the Manchester area of England. Granny gave me the picture 50 years ago and told me that they used to travel regularly from

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Flat Tank - Barnstorming in Australia

Here’s a couple of photo’s of an awesome Chater Lea with a brief history from its ‘Barnstormer’ owner. Thanks FLAT TANK – Keep the faith… Knobby

This photo was taken during the recent National Veteran Motor Cycle Rally held in Albany Western Australia. The rally is a week long run with each days riding approaching 100kms with the longest run being 140kms.

The day after the rally I entered the local Poker Run and promptly did another 100kms, apart from an initial “nip-up” on the first day owing to the oiling system losing a packing gland (its a vacuum

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A Bit of Christmas Cheer.

This is closed now and our winner is FLAT TANK from Australia. We’ll be in touch and get the book in the mail. Be in to win something FREE. Surely not!

Yep the silly season makes us all do silly things and the boys at Barnstormers Central have decided to give away a book. In true form it has lotsa pictures, easy words for McStupid and his sidekick Knarley to understand, and for one such lucky Barnstormer reader it will be a nice addition to their library.

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