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A BSA called Arthur – 1929 S29-19 2 Port Light

Following on from the article about Arthur Elmer, Les, his son, shared with the Barnstormers Boys a little history of himself and his 1929 S29-19 2 Port Light BSA.


1929 – 1972 A BSA called Arthur

My Dad, Arthur, had a good mate, also called Arthur, who I guess to avoid mistakes, was always referred to as Artie. As my middle name is Arthur, and in memory of both of them, my BSA is also now known as ‘Arthur’. In 1931 Artie’s older brother, Reg, bought the BSA second-hand from Bennett & Wood (BSA agents in Sydney), and rode

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Arthur Elmer 1918-1983

We here at Barnstormers love hearing from, and about those who rode before us. Here’s an article written by Les Elmer about his Dad, Arthur, and a couple of his exploits as a pioneer motorcyclist. Les also kindly provided us with an article on the history of his S29-19 BSA here. Thanks Les

My Dad, Arthur, was born in September 1918. During the 1930’s, like many young men of his era, Dad rode a motorbike. Bikes were then cheaper to buy and run than the relatively more expensive motorcar.

Arthur Elmer (20yrs Old) with Levis in 1938


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1914 British Army Despatch Rider

This little clip was pointed out to me recently and I thought it was worth sharing. Following up on the good old interweb, I managed to track down Hamish, who filled me in on a little more background on the clip and motorcycle.

The clip was made by the Historical Aviation Film Unit (HAFU) and features a 1914 Baby Triumph owned by none other than Peter Jackson (Maker of movie classics such as Bad Taste, Braindead, Meet the Feebles and a couple of other noteworthy movies).

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Webbs Motorcycle Auction 31 March 2012

These days I try to stay away from auctions. A nervous twitch, itchy nose, or unexplained wink could be misconstrued as either a flirtatious gesture towards the auctioneer, or more than likely a bid. For me it would be just a nervous twitch, itchy nose, or an annoying eye lash. However when the lastest catalogue fell through the post I just had to go at least for the viewing. The attraction €“ well that would have to be the 50 odd lots that came from the estate of Doug Johnson, or more specifically one of his motorcycles that was on

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Karaka Vintage Day – A view from the Knob

Updated 19th April €“ more photos and some scribblings from the tip of McSnottys crayon –

Once again the folks from the Karaka Historical Society, along with the Vintage Engine Restorers Auckland (VERA) hosted an outstanding event at the Karaka Sports Complex on Sunday ( 1st Apr 2012)

The day started brilliantly, and early, with Mrs McS welcoming me into McSnotty Manor with a traditional Bacon Sarnie ( I had 2 😀 ) . After helping the Lord of the Manor, the esteemed McSnotty Esq, load a couple of fine examples of Vintage

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