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Lucas Equipment and Spare Parts Catalogue – Magnetos .

Nowadays mention the name Lucas in any sentence and owners of British cars and motorcycles could errupt into big gaffaws of laughter. The problem being that as the years went by the reliability of Lucas products came under heavy scrutiny with an increase in failures but most of this could be attributed to lack of maintenance. The most interesting thing to remember is that Lucas produced magnetos from the mid 1910s to approximately 1964, a period of nearly 50 years and so would have manufactured over a million, if not millions of such ignition devices. Not such a bad

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1935 Royal Enfield Motor Carrier

In the October/November 2019 issue of the Vintage Car Clubs bi-monthly magazine, Beaded Wheels, there is an excellent article by Bevars Binnie about a 1935 Royal Enfield Motor Carrier. This article ,and associated pictures, prompted us to ask Bevars if we could reproduce this here at Barnstormers, as its is a unique machine worthy of wider attention. With permission granted and a thanks to the VCCNZ for kindly letting us reproduce this, here is the article, unabridged for your enjoyment.

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1939 Coventry Eagle Sales Catalogue

When Coventry Eagle is talked about most people who know about the Coventry say “yes I would love a 1920s Flying Eight”, but as they are quite rare and worth a lot of money they seldom come up for sale. The motorcycles in this catalogue are from the other end of the spectrum and represent the more sedate and affordable commuter models from the post depression era.

1939 was the first year (and would be the last) for the lightweight Cadet models to have the new lighter tubular frame. The pressed steel frames were still being used on

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1917 Royal Enfield 6HP Parts Manual.

For a manual to survive 100 years plus and still be useable must surely be a miracle, especially since motorcycles and their manuals were lucky to have survived WW2. This Royal Enfield parts book is the second section of the Owners and Operators Handbook from 1917. As can be seen it has been well fingered with greasy digits, some of the pages have been stuck together and others discoloured from age, but the information held within is priceless. How many of these exist today?

Click on the Royal Enfield below to see the complete 46 page parts list.

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