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1913 Royal Ruby Sales Catalogue

A very nice sales catalogue from the manufacturers Royal Ruby with the dealer stamp of James and Gillman of Hawera, Sole NZ Agents, Ruby Motorcycles. Prices have been inked in for most of the models and will be in New Zealand Pounds. The are 6 models including both wicker and coach built bodies. The models include the 3 1/2 hp Model D with fixed wheel, the 3 1/2hp Touring Model E, the Tourist Trophy Model F, the 3hp V Twin Touring Model G, the 6hp V Twin solo Model H, and the Model H and sidecar. All motorcycles are

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1924 ~ 27 Blackburne Single Cylinder Engines Hints, Tips and Parts List.

For a lot of small motorcycle manufacturers it was financially impractical to design and build their own engines, so larger companies like JAP, Sturmey Archer, Villiers and Blackburne provided them with the power units. Therefore this manual should be of a huge benefit to owners of such machines as Rex Acme, Cotton, Toronda, OEC, McEvoy and Chater Lea. At 28 pages the manual has the usual staining indicating a well used handbook, and information contained within is for the 250, 350, 500 and 550 models, both side valve and OHV engines. There is a section on General Notes on

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1920 Humber 4 1/2hp 600cc Sales Catalogue.

Not really sure of the true period of this catalogue as there is no date on it but the general style and design would indicate early 1920. Humber introduced the 500 and 600cc flat twin motorcycles after returning to production at the end of WW1. Pre war saw Humber design a flat 3 cylinder 750cc engine, with 1 cylinder forward and 2 cylinders to the rear, indicating that they were thinking outside the box when it came to all things engine. The Humber 600cc engine would yet be another interesting creation with external flywheel, detachable valve pockets, gear driven

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A Question of Style.

The design and styling of this motorcycle impresses me, especially for 1938. Its classy cast alloy mufflers have a hint of American motorcycle custom designer Arlen Ness, but he didn’t appear until the 1960s, making this machine years ahead of its time.

The motorcycle is a 495cc 1938 Peugeot Model 515, beautifully presented at the Motorcycle Mecca museum in Invercargill. Its unit construction design with highly polished crankcases, twin exhaust pipes, natty metal flashings, and general tidiness definitely make the Peugeot stand out. Or perhaps it is just the colour?

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