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Billy (William M.) Davy – A 1920s Engineering Wizard?

In June 2009 we featured a piece about W.M. Davy from NZ converting a 2 3/4hp side valve Douglas engine into a OHC. The article came from a 1920s edition of the English motorcycling magazine The Motorcycle. Not much else was printed and so here endeth the story.

Well, Graeme from New Plymouth has passed on some more information and included some interesting photos of both the motorcycle and of Billy Davy.

Billy was from Hawera, and clearly from the outset he was going to be an achiever. Completing his apprenticeship as an

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1923 Whitley Sidecar Sales Catalogue

The Whitley Manufacturing Co, of Coventry was in sidecar production from 1922 to 1929. This is a small 7 page sales catalogue of what they had on offer, and is indicative of the small type manufacturers that opened up business to offer more stylish and comfortable travel to the newly motorised public. For those who had a family or perhaps the wife just not wanting to perch herself on the back of a rather uncomfortable pillion seat (see our little piece on vintage seats here) these were a cheaper alternative to the motorcar. Models include the Whitlette, a lightweight

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