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1926 Humber 350 Parts Manual

Restoring or assembling a Humber 350cc single? Then this could be a jolly helpful addition to identifying what you have got or may be missing. It has some excellent plate photographs of parts, as well as 2 cutaway photos of the engine. Contained within is also the additional parts for the Deluxe model with lighting set. It also has some sectional drawings of the ML magneto, B&B carburettor and manual oil pump (Enots?) which were also used in a host of other motorcycles from that period.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 37 page

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1920 Royal Ruby Sales Catalogue

Royal Ruby had come along way since their introduction to the motorcycling world in 1909, and this 1920 sales catalogue for their 349cc 3hp single cylinder machine highlighted the type of ingenuity that was being sketched on their drawing boards. At only 4 pages the catalogue is impressive with ideas like a centre stand, Royal Rubys own 2 speed countershaft gearbox and their Spring Frame using leaf springs front and rear. The concept of rear suspension may have been seen by some as witchcraft so the design engineers cleverly provided a conversion to enable it to be returned into

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1933 Dunelt Sales Catalogue

Dunelt, manufactured by Dunford & Elliot (Sheffield) LTD, started their production in 1919, and ceased production of motorcycles in 1935. They are not a common motorcycle by any means, but still a very interesting marque. And perhaps one of their most interesting machines would be their 250cc 2 stroke Model K, a unique supercharged steed to be featured in a later publication.

This catalogue covers the 1933 4 stroke machines of which there were 4, as well as 2 passenger sidecars and one Narrow Van body. Perhaps one model that is very interesting is the ‘T Special’, a

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1931 Velocette Model K Parts List.

Previously we published a spare parts book for the Mk2 Velocette KSS and KTS models which covered the years 1936-48. The Mk1 K models ran from 1925-1935, with this parts list, which was supplied by Andy D, covering the K, KSS, KTP, and KTT machines 1925-1931. There is a second MK1 parts list covering the 1931-1935 period which hopefully we can put up at a later date. Perhaps an interesting change (or upgrade?) from Velocette was the introduction of a foot gearchange for the 1929 KTT . A major advantage over hand change gearboxes, especially over a short distance

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1935 Levis Sales Catalogue

For 1935 there are 5 models that grace the Levis brochure. The OHV machines are the 247cc Model B Special, the 346cc Model A Special, and the 498cc Model D Special. There is also the 247cc 2 stroke with Levis’ own engine with mechanical oil pump and sight glass. But the main attraction of this little publication would be the Model CB 247cc with Levis own OHC engine. With a downdraft carburettor and 8:1 cr it was to have a top speed of 70mph. As Levis advertised – ‘it is a speedy sweet running Sports “250” with amazing acceleration

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