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1930 OEC Sales Catalogue

OEC would probably not be the most common of motorcycles that people would think of but when it came to innovative ideas they would have been up there with most major motorcycle manufacturers. OEC, which stands for the Osborne Engineering Company, was also heard to be referred to as the Oddball Engineering Company due to some of their wayward inventive ideas. Perhaps their most intriguing addition to the oddities of motorcycling would had to have been their Duplex Steering system. The testimonials in this catalogue as to the value or success of that style of steering may have been more

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1927 Sunbeam Sales Catalogue.

The manufacturers of Sunbeam motorcycles, namely John Marston Ltd of Wolverhampton, were certainly passionate about what they built and in their 1927 catalogue their page 3 introduction was a powerful message outlining reasons why riders should buy a Sunbeam. This is what they had to say –

“There are many reasons why Sunbeams are the favourites of the motorcycling public. In the first place their design includes many ingenious and exclusive features which contribute not only to the efficiency of the machine but also to the convenience of the rider. These are more fully described on pages 20 ~ 25,

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1925 Scott Sales Catalogue

It seems that you are either completely absolute with ownership of a Scott motorcycle, or right at the other end of the scale and discard any thoughts of ownership with a belief of “why would I need all that grief”. Early 2 strokes can be a challenge but ask any Scott owner and they will tell you that the Scott experience is something completely different. And from what I have learnt is that if you own a Scott it is nigh on heresy to own a 4 stroke as well.

With model names like the Squirrel, Flying Squirrel and Super

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Motorcycle Racing in Gisborne 1920

Poverty Bay Motorcycle Club was founded in December 1918 and became involved in motorcycle racing from its inception. 98 years ago today they would have been very busy setting up for their 2 day race meeting at Park Racecourse and with motorcycle racing still in its infancy the organisers would have been challenged in finding the best solutions for both spectators and competitors. Dusty track conditions would have played havoc with riders visibility as well as motorcycle performance (there were no air filters on carburettors then), and then there would have been the horses that bought spectators to the track

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Wot? Christmas 2017 already?

With a busy year of 21 posts we hope that there has been something that you enjoyed or got some value from. We have had 223,800 page views in the last 12 months which is a remarkable increase over previous years, so for such a specialized interest it goes to show that not everybody is watching reality tv. Definitely good news for those with an interest in older motorcycles. We have also seen an increase in requests of assistance which has kept us busy in replying.

Some feedback received is for more early motorcycling photographs of which we do have

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