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2017 BSA National Rally Report (NZ)

Back in October last year we were asked if we could put out a note about the NZ 2017 BSA National Rally that was to be held in February 2017.

February 2017 is a distant memory and so I went back to Ash to get a rally report. This report was originally included the BSA club magazine “Southern Star” and has been reproduced here for our readers as a follow up. Permission to publish this on our website was sought and granted by both the Author, Simon Byrne, and the Photographer, David Guthrie.

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Bruce Augers 1928 Raleigh Model 21 Deluxe restoration

I recently holidayed up at Cooper Beach ( Doubtless Bay, Northland) with Mrs K and Jr and one of the highlights of our trip was visiting Mathews Vintage Collection on SH10 just outside Taipa. Whilst admiring his fine and varied collection, I was taken with this magnificent Raleigh Model 21.

Along with the display was a typed letter from Bruce Auger explaining some of the background and challenges he had in restoring this motorcycle to this prodigious condition. I have transcribed his letter below , including typos, for all to enjoy.

There’s not much more I can add, I would

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Burt Munro Rally Nov 2016.

I am not really keen on such comments as “put it on your bucket list” (grrrr!!) and find that saying quite irritable. We do things because we want to and when we can afford it. But one thing that I did have on ‘a list’ for the last few years was to attend the Burt Munro Challenge in Invercargill, and finally the opportunity presented itself last month.

Held over the last weekend of November the Challenge is a series of different motorcycle events over 4 days. This year had an added attraction with the opening of Motorcycle Mecca, the newly

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2017 BSA National Rally

Ashley , President of the New Zealand BSA Motorcycle Owners’ Club reached out to us to let you know about the 2017 National BSA Rally and after some some hard negotiation down to the princely sum of $0.00, we here at Barnstormers are more than happy to post this event for the New Zealand BSA Motorcycle Owners’ Club.

Set in rural Taranaki, Vertical Horizon is an event centre a few minutes from Inglewood. The centre is used for school camps, holiday programmes, corporate team building and leadership training. Several motorcycle clubs have used the venue in the past for

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NZ Vintage Car Clubs 25th National Motorcycle Rally 2017.

Every two years the NZ Vintage Car Club holds its National Motorcycle Rally, alternating it between the North and South Islands. The next one, to be held on the 17th to 19th February 2017 is based at the Waitomo Village, and is being organised jointly between the Auckland and Waikato sections of the Vintage Car Club. The after rally tour that follows on from the rally weekend, starting on Monday 20th to Friday 24th, is in the style of hub tours to places of interest, returning each day back to Waitomo.

Want to know where Waitomo is? We can help.

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