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Webbs Motorcycle Auction Review 25th Nov 2009

So how many of you Barnstormer readers went along to the auction? And what did you think? Since living close to the Orkland province (Auckland to my English teacher) me and the Knubster decided to venture along. Within the 43 lots offered up there was some amazing machinery with a mixture from 1905 to 1977 but as Barnstormers representatives we were more interested in the pre 1945 girder fork models.

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1949 Workshop Manual 125cc 'Flea'

Well, here’s the companion for the previously posted Parts book.

Again its a little past the cut off date we usually post stuff for, but its well worth posting as this should cover earlier models.

Its a little over 4 Meg in size, so those not on Broadband, nows a good time for a cuppa;


Douglas 1926~30 350 EW Care and Maintenance Manual

Douglas, one of my favourite vintage motorcycles. I used to own a 350 sidevalve, 2 speed belt drive model TS many years ago and it was a joy to ride. I only wish that I had a manual like this one for the EW to assist me in keeping it maintained.

Unlike other manufacturers owners manuals this is a very comprehensive book covering everything from the special service tools required for working on the bike to a good pictorial layout of the different types of oiling systems for the various years. Even if you do

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Royal Enfield 1936 Spare Parts 248cc Models B,S,S2 and 348cc Model C

Another helpful manual.


Norton 1925 Sales Catalogue.

. . . . . A truely handsome sports machine for 1925.

After having finished washing and waxing the Rolls Barnstormers librarian Mzz Jones decided to knock out some more sales garb from the 1925 Edition of The Motorcycles Overseas Annual and Buyers Guide. Her choice this time was too pretty for those of the motorcycle family so amidst screams and tantrums (and that was just the Knobster) we chose plain old Norton. It is 8 pages and as with Matchless there are 4 base models and 2 sidecars. The brochure also outlines

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