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1935 Miller Maintenance and Instruction Manual.

A small booklet of 23 pages of which 8 pages are of service agents in the UK and overseas and which are probably long gone. However no matter how small manuals are there is always something of value in them and this Miller handbook would be no different. Included in this one is the general description and specifications of the generators, basic lighting switch controls and maintenance instructions. The 3 wiring diagrams included would originally have been charged at an additional 3d each

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Jack Kirner – Vintage Motorcyclist.

Rex Knight is a person who probably has his own interesting stories about motorcycling having grown up with a father who was already into bikes and finished his last restoration of a long stroke featherbed Manx Norton at the healthy age of 84. However Rex has a different tale to tell, this one is about a person he met through his friend Jim Stevens by the name of Jack Kirner. Jack was a friend of Bill Stevens, Jims grandfather, and the two of them spent many a happy trip touring the South Island breaking in new tracks in the 1920s.

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1914 Humber Sales Catalogue.

This is the Colonial Edition in which the agents were A.G. Healing & Co in Cashel Street, Christchurch, and also in Wellington. It includes the 2 single cylinder models for 1914 €“ the 3 ½ hp 3 speed air cooled bike, and the 3 ½ hp watercooled bike as well as Humbers light Cycle-car called the Humberette, referred to by the manufacturers as €œA Car in Miniature€. Introduced in 1913 as a air cooled 8 hp V twin for 1914 Humber have also included

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Webbs Auction Update – 22 March 2011.

Webbs lastest offerings to those with bulging wallets was held on the evening of March 22 at their now regular site of Shed 5, Wellesley St, Auckland. Deemed more of a autorama auction than just a motorcycle auction as it also included some interesting cars and some very nice collectibles €“ model cars, advertising signs, and an interesting NOS (New Old Stock) WLA Harley Davidson motor as dispatched in its original crate from the factory. It reached 10K but with an estimated $14~$16k it closed as ‘Conditional’. It would have to be pure novelty value in owning such an item

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1929 BSA A29 Spare Parts List.

BSAs success in 2 stroke engines is a very small chapter in their overall history and really started in the late 1920s when they decided to manufacture their first 2 stroke motorcycle designated the A28. As a new model it was quite clear that the head designers must have been out to lunch that day and left the job to the office junior as the resulting Model A28-A29 and A30 would have to be one of the most strangest designs ever. Conventionality went right out the window and everything was challenged €“ from the gearbox design, to the clutch postion,

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