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1929 Ariel Sales Catalogue.

By 1928~29 most motorcycles had been upgraded with the new saddle type petrol tanks, better brakes, 3 speed (and sometimes 4 speed) gearboxes, and better suspension. Ariel was no different and by 1929 they were also starting to amass quite a few awards from competition, a good indication of the reliability of a manufacturers product. This sales catalogue lists Ariels new features for 1929 as well as the 250cc, 500 and 550cc models (strangely no 350cc models) as well as their sidecars.

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Beach Racing Muriwai 1949.

Beach racing has its origins going way back to the 1910s where the beach was one of the few places that racing could take place. Road racing was yet to start and any competition on the roads was as time trials. Early beach racing events had races for both motorcycles and cars at the same event, probably due to very few motorcycles about. There are a few photographs in the Turnbull Library from the 1920s and 30s from New Brighton Beach, Christchurch, and from around Levin.

I became acquainted as a spectator with beach racing in the 1970s and early

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NZCMRR Pukekohe Festival 2012 €“ Vintage Bikes and Others.


Summer always signals the start of the barbeque season, swimming, fishing and motorcycling. Well only if the weather is fine, and fine it hasn’t been. Ask any Kiwi what they think of the weather up to now and echoes of Monty Pythons €œ”Rubbishhh”€ abound. So looking forward to the New Zealand Classic Racing Registers Classic Racing Festival held annually at the Pukekohe Park Raceway I wasn’t holding out much hope of fine weather. Well it didn’t rain, only slightly overcast with a cold breeze was present but mostly warm, and for people who know how changeable Pukekohe weather can

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News Feb 2012.

Living in New Zealand one would think that we should all be used to the temperamental weather by now, but when it comes down to it the answer for me would be no. I like summer to be summer, and winter to be winter. It is hard to plan anything when the seasons don’t conform, likewise it is hard to look forward to an event if there is a high probability that it is going to be spoiled by the inclement weather. Nevertheless dates are set, events are still planned and we still attend, albeit with a brolley. Some up

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