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Carbon Neutral Royal Enfield

Long before the Lean Burn engine, even before we knew that Carbon di-oxide was bad for us (although some say the jury is still out on that one) Royal Enfield was pioneering Carbon friendly transport.

While this doesn’t necessarily fall into the Pre-45 theme of the website but I thought it was such a great book that I’d post it anyway.

Its in PDF format so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader

Where did the Royal Enfield stuff come from?

Barnstormers, in it generosity, allowed a good friend, LubeBoy, to run his own little Royal Enfield site from within our domain.

Alas LubeBoy has moved on to pastures Greener ( I think he’s exercising his hemorrhoids on a Chiang Jiang CJ750 somewhere ) and has not updated the site for some time.

To save us the hassle of running 2 sites , we’ve migrated the manuals and sales catalogues into the Barnstormers site and created a category ( over there on the right) called Royal Enfield

The old site has been shut down, but all the content is available on

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Well, We are back….

Well, as you can see the site looks somewhat different. Some stuff is gone and wont be coming back. The good news is that all of the posts should be back up.

So sorry for the downtime,hopefully now normal service will resume after being hacked……

Its a real shame that some spotty geek, who’s got bored with coitus with his pets, and while his mum is out honing her negotiable affection skills, has decided to trawl the internet to find out how to hack a WordPress site and set about doing this to show off to his six fingered inbred

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The New Zealand Tourist Trophy Race – Waiheke Island 1931 – 1950

The New Zealand TT was first run on June 3rd 1931. The event was organised by the then Sports Motorcycle Club (Inc) of Auckland (In 1932 there was a name change to the Auckland Motorcycle Club). The Secretary of the club, Harry Fletcher, had been working for 3 years prior to 1931 to gain permission from various local authorities and bodies for the road closures required to run the event.

What follows here is a very brief history of the event while it was on Waiheke Island up until 1950 when the event was moved back to mainland NZ.

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