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1940 NZ Motor Cyclist.

Even as far back as 1940 road safety with motorcyclists was a concern. So much so that the New Zealand Transport Department assisted the Road Safety Council in the publication of this NZ Motor Cyclist magazine. Being issue 1 I doubt that too many would have survived and as for issue 2 who knows? It stands out as a well thought out booklet and includes cornering tips as well as a brief story about a NZ Dispatch Rider in WW1 departing NZ.

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1913 New Hudson Sales Brochure and Riders Manual.

By 1913 motorcycle manufacturers were doing anything to entice new customers to their product and what better way than with a high quality sales brochure outlining new models and past successes. This brochure has everything. It is a sales brochure, riders manual, engine parts list, sidecar list and has testimonials of riders successes at home and overseas. Innovation was everything and with a lot of motorcycles of that period being a fixed single speed New Hudson were offering an Armstrong 3 speed rear hub giving more flexibility and performance.

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More Barnstormers to Be Remembered.

Time is definitely marching on for our old hobby, and with it more and more of the pictorial past is disappearing. We have managed to put up a few more period photographs of the early years including an interesting page from a photograph album from 1929. Enjoy…………….

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1925 Douglas 2 ¾ Hp Handbook.

The Douglas 2 ¾ hp (or 350cc) was and still is one of the nicest little engined vintage motorcycles out there. The horizontally opposed twin cylinder is very smooth and whether as a 2 speed or 3 there was very little that would challenge this demon machine. Its major downfall would be the slipping final drive belt when worn or out of adjustment but by 1925 the Model CW had arrived with chain final drive.

This handbook was produced by the Douglas Motors in Bristol in 1925 and covers all the 2 ¾ hp machines from 1911 to 1925. It

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Velocette KSS and KTS MK2 Spare Parts List.

To me Velocettes have always represented the best in styling and performance from the early KTTs and KSSs right through to the Thruxtons. Even so every motorcycle does have their unique designs and with the Velo it was the clutch system. Some found it ok whilst others found it challenging to adjust. And if you don’t like the colour black then a Velo may not be for you.

This copy of the KSS (K for OHC, SS for Super Sports) and KTS (Touring Sports) parts book was kindly sent in by one of our readers Chris Elvy who thought that

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