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Out For a Ride in . . . . . . . . . . 1912?

Good quality photographs of early motorcycling groups are quite hard to find, so when this scene came our way I definitely thought that it was worth sharing.

The photograph was taken outside the Fielding Post Office about 1912 (a general consensus amongst a few knowledgeable people). The period chosen is centered around the riding gear and type of motorcycles. The bikes all appear to be single cylinder machines with belt drive, some even appear to be fixed belt drive. The riders are well dressed and with goggles and flat caps cut dashing figures that are clearly out for a good

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1933 J.A.P Engine Information.

J.A.P (J.A. Prestwich) of Tottenham, London, produced a wide range of engines for many different applications. Motorcycle engines for standard, sports, and racing use were available, and many common manufacturers used them. Royal Enfield used the v twin engine from 1912 until 1919 when they developed their own engine (which did look very similar to JAP), Morgan 3 wheelers, Brough Superior, and Zenith were just a few more.

I even have an early 500cc single engine that has been converted to a marine application. A brass water jacket has been fitted around the cylinder barrel, and nicely done too, and

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Karaka Vintage Day 2014

Well its that time again. We were at the last two ( Take a peek at the rave reviews from Knobby, and Mcsnotty), and we’ll be at this one.

Its a great day out. We’ve always enjoyed it and turned up with the odd bike.

Thanks to Nicky for passing this along…..

Sunday 23 March 2014

Karaka Sports Park – cnr Linwood and Blackbridge Roads, Karaka, Auckland

Gates open 9.30am

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