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Pauls Handsome Machinery

I Like Royal Enfields, So much so I bought the company….. No just kidding, but I do have a have a fondness for the early ones.

Paul, from the UK, kindly sent us some photos of his bikes, I’ll let him tell you about them in his words.

Picture of my 1929 model 505 OHV on the way to the Banbury Run. (548)

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Hey Ho – – Its 2014 and Santa’s nearly here.

We all know when it is getting close to Christmas, little notes with hints of possible purchases for our nearest and dearest, the appearance of those annoying flashing lights that can bring on epyleptic seizures, and those infernal advertisements that constantly tell us of the things that we really need (or not)! Some people love it, and some people don’t. Guess which one we are?

Yup, thats correct, we love it! Sunny days, alcoholic beverages and rides. Ok so some of us get pulled into the task of decorating trees and the putting up of those pesky little lights but

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A Place To Sit.

As far as modern motorcyclists go we could be regarded as sissies by the old guard when it comes to the comfort of our motorcycles. With longer travel suspension, better shocks, more comfortable seats with thick foam rubber inlays, rubber mounted handle bars and foot pegs we never seem to that happy with what we have and always look for more. Compare that to rigid frame motorcycles from at least 70 years ago with girder (or springer ) front forks, solo seats with mattress springing and very little else we as the “moderns” don’t look that great do we? So

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1929 Triumph Model N De luxe Instruction Manual

The Triumph Model N Deluxe was introduced for 1929 and was an upgrade from the 1927-28 Model N with a new saddle style petrol tank. It still had a total loss oiling system, but this was to be its last year as Triumph was introducing its new models for 1930 with a full recirculating system. So given that the N Deluxe was only made for one year this instruction manual must be a god send for an owner who wants to know the specifics, including maintenance, about their machine. Usual chapters on lubrication, maintenance, engine and gearbox dismantling are included

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1922 Douglas 2 ¾ Hp Sales Leaflet

It is amazing what one has that one can easily forget about, well at least that goes for me. Here is a small 3 page sales leaflet for the 1922 2 ¾ Douglas that has been sitting in an old book for the last 38 years in my cabinet that I forgot I had. It is pretty brief but does have the dealers stamp on the front page – Vickery Motorcycles Limited from Hamilton, New Zealand. It is complete with some very old cellotape marks.

Click on the cover below to see the complete sales leaflet.

It is a 275K

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