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Triumph Models for 1925

On 5th June 1926 E. Hinnesy of Petone, Wellington, wrote his name on the inside of his 1925 copy of The Book of the Triumph by E. T. Brown. Evidently he wanted to make sure that should he lend it to somebody that it would find its way back home.

From that copy I have extracted a section on the Triumph models for 1925 that could prove quite helpful to owners or restorers. It is 10 pages and includes all the models like the Triumph Junior, a 2 ½ hp 2 stroke, the 3.46, 4.94 and 5.50 hp sv models.

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1935~36 Excelsior Manxman Handbook

Given the rarity of the Excelsior Manxman it is probably one of those motorcycles that most people can just dream about owning, me included. But having said that hopefully somebody out there might be able to make use of this handbook. It is grubby and well used but with 27 pages of information that will hopefully assist an owner in tweaking the last ounce of power from his machine. Items covered are valve and igition timing, carburettor settings, and gearbox ratios and drive sprockets.

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1932 Douglas Sales Catalogue

With the world still in the grasp of the depression motorcycle manufacturers were doing anything to entice buyers to part with whatever hard earned cash they had on the latest motorcycles on offer. Douglas would have been no different and this is reflected in this jam packed edition. At 40 pages this catalogue was not of the highest quality that buyers had come to expect from Douglas brochures from the 1920s however it was still full of the latest offerings including 10 models like the A32 350sv lightweight, the F, K, and M OHV models and the H32, their 750cc

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1917 Royal Enfield 6HP Owners Handbook.

The big Royal Enfield v twin was and still is a formidable machine. Powered by the mighty JAP 770cc sidevalve engine it was first introduced in 1912 mainly as a power unit for a sidecar. The 2 speed drive was by countershaft, with there being different primary drive ratios (2 different drive ratio sets of sprockets). To engage the 2 speed was via a lever mounted on the side of the petrol tank (often referred to as the Tram Handle). It proved a popular choice for the public sector as well as the private. The Post and Telegraph used them,

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1932 Douglas A B C K and M Handbook.

If you own a early 1930s Douglas then the Maintenance and Care Handbook for the Douglas A, B, C, K and M models is for you. A valuable addition to your Douglas library it includes excellent photographs of the oil pumps and drives, special maintenance tools, photograph of my favourite, the OHV engine, ignition and valve timing, lubrication, clutch details, and the interesting BTH pancake generator.

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It is a 4.2M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

And for

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