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Early Beach Racing in Southland.

These three photographs have lingered around in my files for quite a while with the hope that more may appear, but no. They came from a small private collection of photographs from Dunedin and with the registration numbers on two of the motorcycles being issued by the Dunedin Council the possibility that these are from the southern region is strengthened. They are from the early to mid 1920s and show that even though beach racing was still in its infancy there was no shortage of interest.

A very proud owner on his ABC. The ABC was a 398cc horizontally

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1938 BRICOVMO Piston catalogue.

Got a box of pistons that you don’t know what they fit? Or boxes of new pistons that the labels have fallen off? Well this catague may be of some use. It is the motorcycle section of the BRICOVMO pistons, rings and liner catalogue from 1938. It covers 70 motorcycle manufacturers mainly from the mid 1920s to 1938, but does have a few listings going back to the earliest of 1914. All the popular makes are included like BSA, Triumph, Norton etc, and then there are seldom heard of machines like ABC, Bradshaw and Newmount.

The front section of the

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From the Experimental Department.

It never pays to look in boxes or under benches, you never know what you might find. Usually it is something that you have been hiding from the wife for the last 15 years or perhaps that project that didn’t turn out just how you expected it to and working on the philosophy of “out of sight out of mind” you couldn’t be reminded of yet another failure.

But in my case it was a reminder of some ones unfinished idea that had it been completed would have resulted in something very unique. The subject, a set of engine crankcase

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