1938 BRICOVMO Piston catalogue.

Got a box of pistons that you don’t know what they fit? Or boxes of new pistons that the labels have fallen off? Well this catague may be of some use. It is the motorcycle section of the BRICOVMO pistons, rings and liner catalogue from 1938. It covers 70 motorcycle manufacturers mainly from the mid 1920s to 1938, but does have a few listings going back to the earliest of 1914. All the popular makes are included like BSA, Triumph, Norton etc, and then there are seldom heard of machines like ABC, Bradshaw and Newmount.

The front section of the catalogue covers the manufacturing, the technicalities of cast and aluminium pistons, coding for piston types, fitting, and clearances. Because of new alloys modern piston manufacturers provide their own recommended clearances but if you are using a OEM piston then this could be of use.

The piston table includes diameter, length, compression center and number of rings.

A good read even if you don’t have a box of miscellaneous pistons (well it beats reading the wifes Womans Day magazines).

To be able to see the small print I have enlarged the 38 pages so the file is quite big at 11.7M, and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

Click on the cover below to see it.