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1929 Excelsior Sales catalogue.

When people dream Excelsior most have visions of the American Excelsior, a big V twin that graced American highways (or most likely dusty bumpy old roads carved out by wagon wheels). But what about the English Excelsior? Well to most that would have to be the Excelsior Manxman race bike, its road going and less common Warrior, or the 1950s 2 stroke machines.

Well, for 1929 Excelsior was to produce 14 machines for both the home and overseas markets.Undecided as to what to call the various models they adopted a more simplistic approach and gave them numbers. There was the

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1936 Ariel Sales Catalogue

Ariel motorcycles have always impressed me with their style and finish. The chrome flutes in the petrol tanks of some 1950s models added a certain flare that wasn’t there in other makes, although they were probably a nightmare to panelbeat. And their sales catalogues were no different. The 1936 range of models is impressive and is reflected in the opulence of the time, the stylish silhouetted ladies in different sports poses that adorn each page suggesting that should you buy an Ariel then you too will step up to their class.

One model that has always impressed me is the

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1930 S.O.S Sales Catalogue.

Not a well known manufacturer, SOS (which stands for Super Onslow Special) first appeared in 1927 but never survived past 1939, most likely to the drain of WW2 on resources and materials. Most machines were powered by Villiers 2 stroke engines with a few by JAP 4 stroke singles, there was also a water cooled version. This catalogue from 1930 would quite unique as it was right in the middle of the depression so there would have been very little money for anything. It has 4 models, the Villiers engined Model C and the Super K, the 246cc 4 stroke

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1924 AJS 2 3/4 Model B

As I said when I created the Nuggets section, sometimes there’s photos just lying around on your PC , that have no particular context.

Here’s a couple i re-discovered from, what my sketchy memory is telling, the Far North Vintage Car Club Autospectacular from back in 2010.

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1916 Thor Model U

These Thor photos were captured by McSnotty and the resurrection his Kodak Instamatic from yesteryear.

A handsome beast we both agree and whats caught his eye is the unabashed and liberal use of the eye-popping colour (or eye gouging depending on taste).

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