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1930 Lucas Dynamo Lighting Set Running Instructions

A brief 23 page booklet on how to maintain the 4 and 6v charging/lighting set on your 1930 motorcycle. The E3 and E25 charging units were not high output units compared to modern charging units but were a major step ahead from the gas acetylene units that were still in use on a lot of older machines. Regulation of the charging system for the battery was a combination of the 3 brush generator and the charge resistors in the headlight, as well as the generator cutout hidden under the end cover of the generator.

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1924 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue

Every year manufacturers introduced improvements for their motorcycles, and for 1924 Harley Davidsons inclusion was a newer more improved engine. This came about with the use of alloy pistons over the older cast iron items. Better heat dissipation meant better cooling, less vibration and higher speeds. A definite win for the customer. However 1924 was also the last year in production of Harley Davidsons loop frame model. With its origins going back to 1910 the loop frame models have been identified as the flat or square tank models. The new 1925 models had the tear drop shape petrol

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