1924 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue

Every year manufacturers introduced improvements for their motorcycles, and for 1924 Harley Davidsons inclusion was a newer more improved engine. This came about with the use of alloy pistons over the older cast iron items. Better heat dissipation meant better cooling, less vibration and higher speeds. A definite win for the customer. However 1924 was also the last year in production of Harley Davidsons loop frame model. With its origins going back to 1910 the loop frame models have been identified as the flat or square tank models. The new 1925 models had the tear drop shape petrol tank.

This 16 page catalogue includes both electric and magneto models for the 1000cc (7/9) and 1200cc (10/12) machines, and has both left hand and right hand sidecars. Harleys sidecar chassis’ also have an extension axle for their 3rd wheel that allows the wheel track to be changed from 44 to 56”, making riding on rutted dirt roads designed for wagons more easier.

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