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1935 Francis-Barnett Sales Catalogue

Within 10 years Francis Barnett had grown from producing 2 models to 7 models for 1935. Interesting bird names seemed to accompany their machines, names like Seagull 42 and 43, Plover 40 and 41, and the Black Hawk E36. Added to this was the Cruiser and the Stag 44. Except for the Stag the rest were all powered by Villiers engines, whereas the Stag was new for 1935 and had a 250cc OHV 4 stroke engine that was made by Blackburne. Perhaps part success of the sale Francis Barnett motorcycles was the price, post depression and people still had

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1935 Indian Sales Catalogue

By the 1930s the only 2 motorcycle manufacturers left in America were Indian or Harley Davidson, you were either with one or the other, but very few were with both. Choice would have been made very difficult in that design and colour options from both manufacturers were similar so probably a contributing factor in purchase would have been what your friends were riding or what your dad told you to buy.

So for 1935 Indian had 5 models available including the Indian 74, Indian 45, Indian Sport Scout, Indian Scout Pony 500cc (30.50 Cu In) and the only

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A Salute To The Original Vintage Motorcyclist.

For most of us that are involved in older motorcycles pre 1960, we are getting older and as the years go by we wonder where the time has gone. Most of us regards the ‘60s and ‘70s as days ‘just gone by’ and certainly not 50 to 60 years ago.

It is this early time in our hobby of vintage/prewar motorcycles that is now to be captured as a time of importance, a time that had it not happened our early years of motorcycling and motorcycles would have completely disappeared into rubbish dumps no doubt. Even now we are still

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1955 Excelsior Sales Catalogue.

Oops – how did this one sneak in here. Well, keen Barnstormer followers would know that Knobster and myself are avid supporters of the stinkwheel, early 2 stroke motorcycles, so have included this one just to show what all you staunch 4 strokers are missing. And as the 2 lightweight models have a sort of girder/springer front suspension then all is good.

If one was describing the beauty of Excelsior motorcycles then using wine tasters expressions from the world of viticulture you could say that their machines were quaint with a slight taste of cheekiness, having a blend

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1924 Henderson Deluxe Four Cylinder Parts Catalogue.

So how many restorers out there would there be who could make use of a 1924 Henderson Four Cylinder Parts Book given that this would have to be a very rare and collectable motorcycle today. I have seen a few of these lovely machines but unfortunately my budget would never extend to owning one. This is a reasonably clean copy with just a bit of shadowing on some pages from having sat in a draw of an old motorcycle dealer in Melbourne for over 70 years. A dealers stamp of Mitchell J Marks, Ashfield, NSW (Australia) is proudly inked

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