1928 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue.

Harley Davidsons F Head engine still seemed popular with customers and for 1928 the 1000 cc and 1200 cc V twins were upgraded with new variable throttle control oil pumps. Designed to supply more oil to the engine as the throttle was opened up for more speed, and yet would stop the engine from being over oiled at idle speeds. The Schebler Deluxe carburettor with air filter was now standard fitment and with all this extra power Harley was now fitting an internal expanding front brake as standard. The use of it was some what questionable as the lever was mounted on the left hand side of the handlebar so the rider would have to stop using it while he changed gear.
Included in the catalogue is Harleys 350cc side valve and OHV single cylinder models. Released to the market in 1926 and designed for those who didn’t want or need to ride long distance but wanted something lightweight to scamper around town. The 350cc OHV was developed into the 350 Peashooter racing models.
As always the sidecar range has both passenger and commercial delivery body styles. The MX Parcelcar actually looks like a prisoner transfer vehicle.
Prices have been inked in, most likely in NZ Pounds.

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Go here to see the copy of the 1929 Harley Davidson Riders Handbook covering the 1000 cc and 1200 cc V Twin models.