McSnottys Best Reads —-

Contrary to other McSnotty family members beliefs I do possess books other than those adorned with motorcycles, its just that I find my old university nuclear physics manuals just plain boring. The splitting of the atom is so yesterday but the sight of a well lubricated vintage bike spluttering down the road is just so sensual (Hhmmm – Mrs McSnippy has been away for 3 weeks and I find these words …….?).

Anyway many books that do hold my interest are out of print, or difficult to find, so when I find something that I think that the Barnstormers readers could be interested in I like to share. On the auction site are the following –


Auction Number – 228793124 – Motorcycling – The Golden Years – Published 1994.  The cover states ‘A Pictorial Anthology’ but yes it does have words as well. The book is a hard cover and covers a wide range of motorcycles (all girder fork) from the very early Edwardian through to the 1930s, regarded as the last of the Golden Years. It has excellent photo reproduction, has a lot of early advertisements and is on good quality paper. The dust cover alone would be worth buying and hanging on the wall, especially with the pictures on the back section.  Bidding is from $10 with no reserve, and the auction closes on Tuesday 14th July.

Auction Number – 229206185 – Motorbikes Around New Zealand by Matthew Wright. Published 2008. Despite the bottom half of the front cover showing a modern green thing the book covers a lot of early New Zealand history on bikes, riders, events and places. Just over half of the book is pre 1955 with some excellent photographs from the Alexander Turnbull Library never seen before. There are more photos than text (something old McS likes) but as they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. It is a soft cover book and bidding is from $10.00. Auction ends on Thursday 16th July.

Auction Number – 228585572 – Classic Motorcycles in New Zealand by Kerry Swanson. Published 1997. It is a soft cover with a picture of the Britten on the outside. The book covers a wide range of older pre 1975 machines, and combined with a mix of both riders and machines it is a particularly good read ( especially since it is too cold to be out in the workshop). Some of our earlier pioneering riders like Geoff Hockley, Ernie Brown, and the seldom heard Stokell brothers who made their own motorcycle in the early 1930s rate a mention as well as the familiar Burt Munro and John Britten. Bidding is from $5.00 with no reserve and the auction closes on Monday 13th July.

These books are placed well on my bookcase with my other reads. Happy bidding.