Rotorua Swapmeet 2009.


All Roads Lead to the Rotorua Swapmeet 2009.

Ah what can I say – my favourite place. Mud pools, geysers and that special aroma are just some of the memories that visitors take away with them from that much loved/hated place. And for the 2nd Sunday in July every year old junk is something else that the ardent shopper takes home with them as well. Junk being the general terminology to others other than the purhaser, a prized treasure to the new owner.

And there was treasure to be had, from the small single door handle for that rare 1932 xxx car to semi complete unfinished projects trucked and trailered in from all over the mid half of the North Island. Yes this was the 2009 Rotorua Swapmeet organised every year by the Rotorua Vintage Car Club. As followers of Barnstormers were aware this event was well visited on our site with some 450 hits before the actual day so naturally McSnooty, Knobster, and Jnr McSnippy were definitely going to be there. Actually it ended up being only the Big McSnooty and Jnr, as no matter how hard I blew in Knobsters ear, or Jnr poking straws up Knobsters nose we just couldn’t wake him. The closest we got was a muffled “not tonight Bubbles, I am tired” as he bit down into his Micheal Jackson pillow. But then it was 3.30 in the morning, Knobsters best dream scenes. (Knobby edit – It’s an Elvis pillow you fool and I was having a hunka hunka burnin love with Priscilla, you’re lucky you didn’t get too close. Who is Micheal Jackson anyway???)

And so for the swapmeet, what a morning. We arrived at 06.45 and then stood around in the cold wind and rain while the sellers started to pack themselves in and set up. The sight of keen buyers hussling around from site to site in the dark with their little LED torches to be first for that elusive part always amuses me. Never one to skimp on size my torch is always bigger. As it slowly became lighter more and more buyers and sellers started to appear, especially after the rain stopped. It was cold, about 4 degrees, and the wind was still blasting an icy path through the stalls, but if it was good enough for the friendly tuis singing in the trees to be out then it was the same for Jnr and me, after all IT IS the Rotorua Mid Winter Swapmeet. The usual food stalls did a healthy trade in anything warm, and for those who thought that they were in summertime there was not one but two Mr Whippys (not that I saw them doing any business). Attendance of sellers was down slightly owing to the particularly bad weather the previous day, and to the advertised forecasts of “much of the same for Sunday”. Highlights of the swapmeet for us was me purchasing some wheels for a project I have in mind, and Jnr McSnotty finding some chrome baubles to adorn his treasured Fordie Babe Magnet.

Annoyance of the day would be the amount of inconsiderate people with low hung umbrellas that come very close to removing swappers eyeballs. Laugh of the day would have to be a thoughtless woman getting kicked out of a tent after trying to get in with her umbrella still up. People were not amused.

Value for money in attending the swapmeet – yes. It was only $5.00 for buyers to get in (unlike Pukekohe which is vastly overpriced at $12.00 entry), parts were definitely being sold, and it is a chance to catch up with old friends not often seen.

And for the return journey we got a free Petrolhead magazine (god I love free stuff!).