1927 Sunbeam Sales Catalogue.

The manufacturers of Sunbeam motorcycles, namely John Marston Ltd of Wolverhampton, were certainly passionate about what they built and in their 1927 catalogue their page 3 introduction was a powerful message outlining reasons why riders should buy a Sunbeam. This is what they had to say –

“There are many reasons why Sunbeams are the favourites of the motorcycling public. In the first place their design includes many ingenious and exclusive features which contribute not only to the efficiency of the machine but also to the convenience of the rider. These are more fully described on pages 20 ~ 25, but mention may be made here of the famous Sunbeam “oil bath” chain cases and the well known Sunbeam all black weatherproof finish.”

Included in the catalogue are some notable Sunbeam riders and their successes, and a Sunbeam Special Features Section. Models like the Model 1, 2 5, 6, 80 and 90 are also titled 347cc Sporting Side Valve Sunbeam (Model 2), the 492cc Longstroke Sunbeam (Model 6) or the 493cc “T.T” OHV Sunbeam (Model 90). Prices have been written in the bottom in fountain pen (“Whats that”? I hear youngsters cry out) with the 347cc “TT” OHV Sunbeam costing 90 guineas, or  £94/10/-. The catalogue came from Australia so these would be Australian pounds but with equal parity to the English pound. Interestingly the owner has drawn a nice little helmet and signed his name through it. I think it says MJ Marks, you be the decider.

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