1937 Rudge Sales Catalogue

This catalogue has no date but opinion from those in the know and reading of some books it seems to point to 1937.
There are 5 models covered, the 250 Rapid, the 250 Sports, the 500 Special, the 500 Sports Special and the 500 Ulster. Interestingly there are no sidecars included. 2 of the 500 models have their prices inked on them, no doubt a customer was keen on a purchase.
Even though they were impressive looking machines and sales had been increasing, the company was still struggling financially, with control of Rudge having passed to the Gramaphone Company Ltd in 1936 (later to become EMI). And as most people know Rudge unfortunately didn’t survive WW2. Sad though as there was a new design on the drawing board which was to include a totally new 350cc OHC engine. And then the question arises of ‘what if’?

So, I suppose with EMI owning the company a spin around the block for a Rudge owner takes on a whole new meaning? Ok I know. . . . . groan!

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It is a 13 page 3M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

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