1916 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue.

Motorcycle dealer T. H. Oates, advertising as Cycle Motor Manufacturer and Importer, of 125 Willis St, Wellington supplied this 1916 Harley Davidson Sales Catalogue. A very detailed publication that covers all their models including the single speed and 3 speed model 11hp V twin, the 2 single cylinder machines, and the sidecars. Models include the 16F, 16J, 16E, 16C, 16B, 16L and the 16M.
In the interest of customer evaluation Harley also offered electric lighting on one of the V twin models, something very new forĀ  any motorcycle manufacturer. 1916 was also to offer another challenge, that being the war in Europe which had been raging since 1914. As with other motorcycle manufacturers Harley Davidson sidecar combinations provided excellent service into a lot of areas that the heavier 4 wheel vehicles could not go.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 26 page catalogue.
It is a 7.7M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.