1949 Velocette LE Parts Catalogue

Often referred to as the Noddy Bike owing to the fact that it was used quite extensively by some of the English Police Constabulary in mobilizing their forces the Velocette LE would probably have to be the most over engineered lightweight motorcycle in existence. With its shaft driven rear wheel, taper steering head bearings, horizontally opposed 4 stroke water cooled 150cc twin cylinder engine, it was certainly a complicated machine, as illustrated by this well laid out parts manual. At 50 pages it seems to have pictures of every nut, bolt, screw and bracket that held the mighty little machine together. And of course the more bits used added more weight which meant that this was a little monster in mass at 260 lbs. Perhaps that’s why by 1951 a decision was made to increase the power by 33% to a massive 200cc. Or was it that the local bobby was getting larger in size not having to peddle a push bike? Whatever the reason they have been and still are a great little machine. Have even heard of one such LE undergoing an upgrade. Not sure what that means but we will see what can be sniffed out. Stayed plugged chaps.

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Accompanying the parts book is a small sales leaflet with specification on the LE. Click on the cover below to see what was on offer.