1913~14 Speedwell Sidecar Sales Catalogue.

A very early catalogue where Speedwell would much rather refer to their product as side carriages instead of the much shortened term sidecars. Chassis design was still in the early stages and stability on cornering could possibly be a bit unnerving. Initial design placed the sidecar axle pretty much in line with the motorcycles rear axle, increasing the chance of tipping and the rear wheel of the motorcycle to lift. Later design would place the sidecar wheel forward of the motorcycles wheel to lessen this happening.
Speedwells coach built bodies came in 4 different styles including the Modele de Luxe, the Modele Royale, the Standard Model, and the Speedwell Business Model, effectively a service delivery box. Extras included hoods and screens, and the quick One Minute Coupling. Speedwell were also to offer a 3 Speed Conversion using the Armstrong Mark VII Tourist Trophy Three Speed Gear Hub, making riding the motorcycle with side carriage easier, especially around the town or ascending steep hills.

This brochure has even a more special meaning for me as it has the name Ivor Mutton inked into the edge of one of the pages. Ivor was a correspondent of mine from the UK in the late 1970s who was the font of all knowledge on vintage motorcycles, and to think that after it had done the rounds of the vintage moment it has arrived in my possession 45 years later, on the other side of the world. But back to Speedwell . . . . . . .

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