1932 Raleigh 3 Wheel 5cwt Delivery Transport

Something a little bit different, a Raleigh 3 wheel 5cwt delivery unit. Not exactly a motorcycle, or motorcycle and sidecar, but it is powered by a 600cc side valve motorcycle engine, has a special Sturmey Archer 3 speed gearbox with reverse and does have a girder fork front end with handle bars, so does fit within the Barnstormer belief of being a motorcycle of sorts, perhaps a special vehicle for that really special person.
Body styles on offer included a van, lorry, box carrier, dual purpose lorry, factory truck, or as a bare chassis with the owner building a body style more suitable to their requirements.
Not what would be regarded as a speed machine, and probably not what a budding young romancer would use for date night, however definitely a place in history for it. No top speed is given.

And some of you may be asking “why 3 wheels”? It has to do with road taxes. The government decided to levy owners on how many wheels were touching the road. Naturally 3 wheels were going to cost less than 4. And who needed 4 wheels anyway? Only the wealthy?

To see the complete 2 page brochure click on the Raleigh front cover below.
It is a 1M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

And here is the fold out poster version.

Also for 1932 Raleigh produced a quirky cartoon sales leaflet for the Raleigh 3 wheel delivery vehicle. An entertaining effort from Raleigh will have you either laughing or cringing. Will leave it up to you to decide on the effect that it would have had on the buying public.

Click on the cover to view it.