1935 Levis Sales Catalogue

For 1935 there are 5 models that grace the Levis brochure. The OHV machines are the 247cc Model B Special, the 346cc Model A Special, and the 498cc Model D Special. There is also the 247cc 2 stroke with Levis’ own engine with mechanical oil pump and sight glass. But the main attraction of this little publication would be the Model CB 247cc with Levis own OHC engine. With a downdraft carburettor and 8:1 cr it was to have a top speed of 70mph. As Levis advertised – ‘it is a speedy sweet running Sports “250” with amazing acceleration and high performance for the discriminating rider”. I wonder how many have survived.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete 8 page brochure.
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