1931 Velocette Model K Parts List.

Previously we published a spare parts book for the Mk2 Velocette KSS and KTS models which covered the years 1936-48. The Mk1 K models ran from 1925-1935, with this parts list, which was supplied by Andy D, covering the K, KSS, KTP, and KTT machines 1925-1931.
There is a second MK1 parts list covering the 1931-1935 period which hopefully we can put up at a later date.
Perhaps an interesting change (or upgrade?) from Velocette was the introduction of a foot gearchange for the 1929 KTT . A major advantage over hand change gearboxes, especially over a short distance race circuit where a lot of gear changing takes place. And perhaps the first manufacturer to offer it?

Click on the cover below to see the complete 55 page parts list.
It is a 15.5M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

The weekly The Motor Cycle magazine from 1926 did a road test on the 348cc OHC Mk1 in their February 11th edition. A worth while read considering that there were very few other OHC engine motorcycles to compare it to, and the overall result was quite positive. Click here for a squint at the article.