1920 Royal Ruby Sales Catalogue

Royal Ruby had come along way since their introduction to the motorcycling world in 1909, and this 1920 sales catalogue for their 349cc 3hp single cylinder machine highlighted the type of ingenuity that was being sketched on their drawing boards. At only 4 pages the catalogue is impressive with ideas like a centre stand, Royal Rubys own 2 speed countershaft gearbox and their Spring Frame using leaf springs front and rear. The concept of rear suspension may have been seen by some as witchcraft so the design engineers cleverly provided a conversion to enable it to be returned into a rigid simply with the use of the “Royal Ruby” patented locking device. Clever fellas eh?

Click on the Royal Ruby below to see the very interesting catalogue.
It is a 1.3M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.