1933 Dunelt Sales Catalogue

Dunelt, manufactured by Dunford & Elliot (Sheffield) LTD, started their production in 1919, and ceased production of motorcycles in 1935. They are not a common motorcycle by any means, but still a very interesting marque. And perhaps one of their most interesting machines would be their 250cc 2 stroke Model K, a unique supercharged steed to be featured in a later publication.

This catalogue covers the 1933 4 stroke machines of which there were 4, as well as 2 passenger sidecars and one Narrow Van body. Perhaps one model that is very interesting is the ‘T Special’, a 250cc OHV that has the 4 valve radial head Python engine. It could also be supplied with the 250 OHV TT Replica engine. Other models include the ‘V3 Special’ a 350cc OHV machine, the ‘V4” 500 OHV, and the ‘V5”, a 598cc side valve machine that was probably regarded as the cooking model and best suited for sidecar work.

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