1949 James Superlux Autocycle Handbook and Parts List.

Now this is a machine that everybody should own. Oozing style, painted in James rich maroon red with very decorative petrol tank transfers owners would have been proud to be seen cruising the High Street on this beast.
So what would have been the attraction of owning such a machine? Well they were manufactured between 1946 and 1953 so it would have been the machine that would have got England mobile again soon after WW2 at a minimal cost. The little 2 stroke Villiers Mk 2F engine unit at 98cc would have provided economical performance for the round the town gadabout, with perhaps a Sunday jaunt to the next town. Economy being the most importance of the lightweight 2 stroke as Britain was still rationing most things following WW2.
This little manual provides instruction on the operation of the autocycle, all maintenance aspects including sparkplug type and recommended oils for the time, and a well illustrated parts section. A very handy book for any of todays owners.
Road tests of this galloping steed were held in secret and only available to the most genuine of customers.
And given the prices of some of these little stinkwheel beauties on the auction site Trade Me lately interest is definitely growing (a 1947 unrestored but original Excelsior fetched $3300, and a restored Excelsior fetched $5200). Whether they were purchased to be ridden or just for the man cave people are waking up to the thrills of owning such a great piece of engineering.

Supplied by Garton and Day, Cycle and Motorcycle Dealers of Whangarei

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