1928 Douglas Sales Catalogue

Douglas motorcycles have always seemed to be a popular motorcycle from the 1910s through to the 1930s in New Zealand, and this can be supported by the photos that we have put up on Barnstormers, and also those held in our National Library. Even rallies that I attended in the 1970s and 80s were always well represented with the Douglas. Perhaps that is because Douglas always seemed to have a good selection of machines available each year and that contributed to their survival. For 1928 Douglas had a total of 9 different models, ranging from the standard 350 sv Models A.28, the B.28, and C.28, to the OHV 350 D.28, the 600 side valve and OHV models and their racing model the 494cc I.O.M TT. There is also a variety of sidecars available. A list of competition successes for 1927 include The Championship of Queensland, and the N.S.W (New South Wales) Dirt Track Races. So where ever Douglas were sold in the world they left their mark.

Click on the I.O.M TT Model below to see the complete 34 page catalogue.
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