1928 Dunelt Model”K” Parts Catalogue

Dunelt produced some very interesting motorcycles and perhaps what bought them to attention of the motorcycling fraternity in the 1920s was their supercharged 2 stroke model K. No oversized blower chain driven from the engine but instead a clever design incorporating a stepped piston. The idea was to compress a larger swept volume of fuel mix from the crankcase into a smaller combustion chamber. No more additional moving parts than a normal 2 stroke, just a bit of very clever thinking.
So this parts book covers the Model “K”, the “K” Sports, and the “K” Royal for 1926, 27 and 1928. And for 1928 Dunelt allocated both a Part Number as well as a Code, not sure why but some of them do amuse. Asking for a BIBAT, FRASH, FINKS, BLEEF, BLEEP, BLOOF, or a BLOOB (my favourite) must surely have raised an eyebrow or two. A great addition to any Dunelt Model “K” owners library.
And if you like would to understand the supercharging effect have a look a the unique piston on page 6, part number 1293.

In 1927 Dunelt were proudly advertising their Professor Supercharge logo possibly in hope of drawing more customers into the fold. So who could resist that smiling cartoon face chewing on a cigar. Did the smoking cigar symbolise the 2 stroke nature of their motorcycle, or not?

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