1934 Villiers 2 Stroke Illustrated Engine Parts Catalogue

This is Villiers Parts List No 22 covering all their 2 stroke engines from 1922 to 1934 of which there are 29 different models of varying capacities. The models Mark I, II, III, IV and V with the prefixes O, A, B, C and D respectively covering the years 1913~1922 are covered in the Villiers Spares List No7 (which we don’t have but would like a copy). Included within the list are also the parts for the flywheel magneto, electric lighting sets and the automatic lubricators.
Detailed diagrams of the various shapes and styles of cylinder barrels with the different types of ports would allow easy identification of an engine even if the engine numbers are not visible. A very helpful catalogue for all those who own a vintage Villiers engined motorcycle.

Click on the front cover below to view the 32 page catalogue.
It is a 8M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

I have also included some pages from 3 different early 2 stroke manuals that may also be of interest, particularly on Villiers lubrication systems. Not all engines were pre-mix petrol oil lubrication. Click here to have a look at the PDF.

A great Villiers advertisement from 1927 telling the world that 2 strokes can be popular and successful.