1931 Matchless Maintenance Manual

A WC Haycraft manual on Matchless motorcycles of the late 1920s up to 1931. Covering all models from the A/2 Silver Arrow, the B OHC 600cc Silver Hawk, through to the models X/3 and X/R3 990cc side valve v twins the information would be invaluable for those who own one of these models. Perhaps the most interesting would be the design descriptions of the Silver Arrow and the Silver Hawk. Both being ‘shallow’ V twins of 26 degrees the Silver Arrow was a twin cylinder 400cc side valve and the Silver Hawk was a OHC 600cc V4. Definitely an interesting read even if you don’t own such a machine. Intermediate range machines also covered are the R7 246cc, D 347cc and the C 586cc models, all side valve machines, and the D/S 246cc and C/S 495cc OHV machines.

At 57 pages it is a largish 14.5M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.
Click on the Matchless cover below to see the complete manual.

An advertisement for the 1932 Matchless 600cc OHC Silver Hawk from the July issue of The MotorCycle. A high speed cruiser at 70mph all day long but was it a good buy at £75.00?