McSnottys Musings.

Having been scripting thoughts, facts and sadly some of my strange ideas on pre 1950 motorcycles on this site for 15 years now some of you may be wondering what else we are doing with other motorcycles (or maybe not) post 1950. Like a lot of other two wheeled enthusiasts some of us do have a shed, or sheds, full of other interesting projects that really don’t fit the true Barnstormers criteria of pre 1950 but they do provide us with hours of fun, anguish, worry, and sometimes enjoyment. Knobster, being the more private of our team likes to stay quiet about what else he has tucked away in hidden places, in case Mrs Knobster finds out, but me, well I like to talk about anything 2 wheels, like to ride anything two wheels (as long as I don’t have to push it – too far) and read about anything two wheels. And with time moving on some of those machines owned 30~40~50 years ago that have been pushed to the rear of the shed, or into other sheds, are now starting to become more attractive and I am finding a need to relive some of that past, pull them out of the shed and have a fiddle. I won’t bore you with Moto Guzzis, Ducati SD900s (even though the basic engine design – bevel drive desmodromic valve system goes back to the 1910s), but perhaps the Ducati GTL 500 parallel twin, a much despised Italian machine by those who believe true Ducatis are V twins, or the magnificent BSA Dandy from 1957, a 1970s Benelli 50cc minibike bought for a tray of beer, a 1970s 175cc Voskhod with only 5000kms (because nobody wanted to ride it any further!!) or even a 1960 Indian Westerner 500 upgraded with a 500 Fury Big Head may cross through these pages. Stay tuned, or not if this is not your thing.

The mighty Dandy – everybody wants to own one.

Their popularity is well depicted in this rather clever caricature.

This page is not visible to those who view Barnstormers front page seeking assistance for older rigid/girder type motorcycles and can only be seen by those clicking on McSnottys Musings. It will be updated as progress is made, time permitting, on whatever I am currently playing with. Enjoy.