1936 O.K. Supreme Sales Catalogue.

O.K. Supreme have produced some pretty impressive motorcycles over the years and 1936 would be no different as for this year they had 16 models available to the public. Some are slight variations of base models but that’s what riders look for, something a little different. Models include – 498cc OHV High Camshaft Model Speed ‘90’ and Sports ‘90’, a general workhorse 498cc JAP sv powered ‘Hood” Model N/36, the 348cc OHV JAP ‘Grand Sports’ Model GH/36, and the 249cc JAP ‘Flying Cloud’ Grande Luxe Model GDL/36. O.K.Supreme also had their own design OHC engine with racing based heritage which appeared in 249cc and 347cc form as the Silver Cloud WS/36 and WT/36 for the road models, and their ‘Racing Camshaft’ Model RC/36 250cc and the RCB/36 350cc as their race replica models.
There is also a pictorial display of some famous O.K.Supreme riders, none that I am familiar with though.
A sales catalogue that may be a little bit tatty and aged but if you own a 1936 OK Supreme or just bits then this may inspire you.

Click on the front cover below to see the 16 page catalogue.
It is a 1.7M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.