1957 BSA Dandy Parts Book.

Another addition to the Stinkwheel library would be this parts book for the 70cc 2 stroke, 2 speed, go everywhere slowly 1956~57 BSA Dandy. Having been a past owner of such a beast I can vouch for its uniqueness, although others might remember it more as BSAs folly. Referred by some as more of a scooterette than even a scooter the popularity of the Dandy could be reflected in the fact that there is a Facebook page out there with 92 keen supporters. And the most common annoyance by owners who liked to complete their own maintenance would be having to split the motor and gearbox apart to adjust the points which were sandwiched in the middle. Such a delight.

A BSA Dandy used as a promotion by the manufacturer to lurer prospective young office workers into the world of motorcycling, – perhaps?

Click on the cover below to see the complete 32 page parts catalogue.
It is a 4.9M PDF so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

We also have an owners manual in the library with all the factory tips on how to keep your steed in top operating performance. Will be added to the site sometime soon. Stay tuned.