Pioneer Sports Club 1932 Race Meeting

With the event organised by the Pioneer Sports Club and held on Saturday, March 12th, 1932 at the New Brighton Trotting Club Track this would have to be a great reference publication for those interested in the early history of motorcycle racing in Canterbury. With a proud line up of riders including Lew Evans, Tommy McCleary, Harry Mangham, Percy Coleman, and Ernie Brown there was no doubt going to be some excellent racing over the 7 events. The premiere race would be event 4 which was over 12 laps and paid 14 sovereigns for 1st, 3 sovereigns for 2nd and 1 sovereign for 3rd. An impressive purse for the winner of that race.
Motorcycles entered were categorised in the capacity of 2 and 3/4hp, 3 and 1/2hp, and 7hp (Harley Davidson), later to be changed to 350cc, 500cc, and 1000cc respectively.
From great advertisements of the time – British Motor Cycle Agencies Ltd advertising O.K. Supreme, AVON tyres or even navy serge suits from £4-15-0 from PHIT-U Tailors there is some great stuff contained within. Enjoy.

Click on the front cover below to see the complete souvenir program.
It is a 4.75M PDF and you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.

A Pioneer Sports Club Members Ticket (membership card) for Mr John Brown for 1925-26. I wonder if he was attending the meeting for 1932.