1929 Humber 3.49 hp Models Sales Leaflet.

Advertised as 3.49hp models in fact they are Humbers 349cc motorcycles. This is a brief but very informative 7 page leaflet covering those 349cc models for 1929 and were supplied as the 3.49hp Side Valve “Sports”, the 3.49 Overhead Valve “Sports” and the 3.49hp Overhead Camshaft “Sports”. The OCS model would have had to have been an expensive motorcycle at the time at £59.10s, against the OHV model at £48.10s and £45 for the side valve model.
For the uniqueness of the Overhead Camshaft Sports and perhaps the rarity yes there is one in New Zealand. It is in Richardsons Motorcycle Mecca Museum in Invercargill. An impressive looking motor.

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