1938 Indian Commercial Motorcycles Sales Catalogue.

Indian were the first manufacturer to introduce the Dispatch Tow in 1931. Harley Davidson must have seen the advantages of such a machine and introduced their 3 wheeled version called a Dispatch Tow or Servicar (probably depending on the application) in 1932. The main advantage of the Dispatch Tow over a motorcycle and sidecar was that they were easier to ride, particularly in corners as the rear drive was to both wheels through a differential driven by chain from the gearbox.
This catalogue covers 4 different types of 3 wheel Dispatch Tows, the model DT31 and DT33 both powered by the 45 ci (750cc) side valve motor, the TC Traffic Cat and the MTC Traffic Car, both powered by the 73 ci (1200cc) side valve motor. Included also are the 4 different styles of side van bodies (sidecar to most) for customers to choose from, as well as a gallery of photos of typical motocycles and their users.
The first few pages have great depictions of the advantages of owning an Indian light delivery vehicle with my favourite being the rather futuristic body advertising Wobbers Stationary and Printing on page 15.
A great little sales catalogue from the Indian Motocycle Co, that was supplied by Bell Cycle and Motor Co of Lichfield St, Christchurch.
Surprisingly, unlike other types of motorcycle sport, dispatch tow racing never caught on.

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A Nov/Dec 1931 copy of Indian News showing the popularity of the Indian Dispatch Tow.